Strong neighborhoods, strong cities and strong regions depend on a healthy and diverse economy.

The Ochs Center has conducted extensive research on the Chattanooga economy for foundations, business and non-profit organizations. Our work has included an assessment of the impact of Downtown revitalization on the regional economy (based on economic data, survey research and  focus groups); a preliminary assessment of the potential impact of the creation of a National Center for Computational Engineering; a detailed assessment of the region's workforce trends and needs for the Chamber of Commerce; and a first-ever economic impact analysis for the Chattanooga Metropolitan Airport.

The Ochs Center's work on local economic issues involves more than just crunching numbers.  Ochs Center staff work to suppliment local economic data from federal, state and local sources with "on the ground" information, collected through interviews, surveys and focus groups.

The Ochs Center has also worked on economic research and policy at the regional and national level. The Ochs Center has worked with environmental and community based organizations to assess potential economic impacts related to new development and new industry. The Ochs Center has also conducted a national assessment of how local governments are using access to broadband as an inducement for new industry.

See the reports:

Fraction of the Jobs (March 2011)

Washington County Coal Power Plant Memo (December 2009)

Food Stamp and WIC Use in Hamilton County (August 2009)

An Analysis of the Economic Impact of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy in the East Kentucky Power Cooperative Region (July 2009)

Alternative Use Analysis: Beaman Park to Bells Bend Corridor (May 2009)

An Assessment of the Economic Impacts and Financing of the Proposed Coal-Fired Power Plant in Early County (March 2009)

Economy 2008 State of Chattanooga Region Report

Fiscal Impact of Land Use and Development in Hamilton County (July 2008)

Assessment of Maytown Center Economic Impact Analysis (July 2008)

Economic Impact Analysis: Chattanooga Metropolitan Airport (October 2007)

Labor Market Trends and Career Academies (July 2007)

2006 State of Chattanooga Region Report