What We Do



The Ochs Center is the only organization in the Chattanooga region that provides a full array of research and data analysis services for local non-profit organizations and local government:

  • Collection and analysis of administrative data from government agencies or non-profit programs
  • Public policy and best practices research
  • Survey design and analysis
  • Roundtables and focus groups
  • Program evaluation
  • Economic impact analysis and modeling
  • Budgetary and operational reviews
  • Assessment of community conditions
  • GIS mapping and analysis

The Ochs Center’s core product is the State of Chattanooga Region Report. Funded by local foundations and released for the first time in 2006, the State of Chattanooga Region Report offered a comprehensive look at conditions in Hamilton County in the areas of health, public safety, the local economy, education and community development. In 2008, the full report was preceded by a series of briefs on early childhood, environment, education, crime, housing and the economy.

Using survey data and administrative data from national, state and local government agencies, the report compares conditions in Hamilton County with 13 other benchmark jurisdictions around the country. The State of Chattanooga Region Report also examined differences in thirty-six subregions across Hamilton County from Alton Park to Walden.